Why Canature

A large water treatment products manufacturer in China

  • Manufacturing covers an area of 73300 square meters.
  • Over 1000 full-time employees.
  • Large production capacity: Over 300,000 sets whole set softeners and filters, 1,000,000 pcs pressure tanks, and going to achieve.
  • 1,000,000 pcs control valves, 1,000,000pcs RO system and 10, 000,000pcs cartridges in next few years.
  • High Speed and Stable developing company.
  • The 1st public company in Chinese water treatment industry.

“One Stop Purchase” Manufacturer

  • Full Line Core components “pressure tanks”, “control valves” and “brine tanks” manufacturer.
  • Residential and commercial water softener and water filter manufacturer.
  • High quality Reverse Osmosis system and RO membrane, cartridge manufacturer.
  • Offer Customized OEM and ODM service, plenty products line meet different requirements.
  • Related products sourcing service to help you save time and cost, control quality.

World-Class Quality Ensured

  • Independent strong R&D, owning patents and world leading instruments.
  • World No.500 material suppliers, no recycle material used.
  • Products meet world standard NSF, CE, RoHs, ACS etc.
  • Entire plant has been certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for quality and environmental guarantee.
  • Sell to all of the world and recognized with high reputation.
  • 10 years warranty for pressure tanks, 5 years warranty for control valves.

Competitive Price

  • Large production quantity bring lower cost.
  • Large quantity raw material purchase low down the cost.
  • Lean manufacturing bring high efficiency.
  • Always low down costs, never low down quality.

Canature Promise

  • No recycle material.
  • No low quality supplier.
  • No dyeing on the products.
  • No plasticizer.

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