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Water Softeners

Canature designs, tools and manufactures over 15 series,more than 60 different models of water softener cabinets. Each cabinet has its unique characteristic to meet various demands on style, specification and price etc.

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Movable Cover Styles

Low Cover Styles

Why Canature Water Softener

  • Largest Water Softener Manufacturer in China.
  • WQA and ACS Certified (Valve: NSF, CE, RoHS and ACS)(Tank: NSF and ACS) (resin: NSF and ACS).
  • Over 15 series, more than 60 models for choice.
  • 100% leaking test on production line.
  • Core components made in house, better quality control.
  • Combine different core technology into application: high efficiency, chlorine reactor, salt alarm, leaking, alert, colorful LCD display etc.
  • Local languages bring more friendly use.
  • good appearance and strong structure design, can offer customization.

Water Softener

Design Features

1. Optimized cabinet construction, Better appearance, Less deforming.

2. Low cover, High cover, Slide cover, Rotation cover,Satisfy the fastidious preference.

3. With Quick Connect, Easy & Fast to install.

4. High quality manifest display.

5. Localization language, Comfortable to consumer.

6. High grade raw material, More healthy, More enduring.