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Water Filters

Canature water filter uses its patented technology to meet your requirement of large capacity, clean and healthy water, durable and stylish.

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Carbon Filter

Why Canature Water Filterss

  • Automatic Control Valve
  • Jacket
  • Pressure Tank
  • KDF55C(Patented Media): High-tech materials, high purity copper and zinc alloy, through the electrochemical reaction, effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, sediment, rust, inhibit bacteria and algae material, reducing mineral structure.
  • Activated Carbon: Absorption capacity, removal of organic matter such as residual chlorine to improve taste.
  • Built-in Magnetic Filter: Stable water quality, reduced boiler tube scaling and prevent pipeline corrosion. Adjust water activity, non-polluting, safe and without side-effects.

Water Softener

Design Features