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Slide Cover Styles

Slide Cover Styles


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1. User-friendly large color LCD display,humanized interface design. 

2. Touch keys design on a high strength tempered glass,high end and easy to operate. 

3. Smart Clean technology will have system flush the water and media in tank automatically during your vacation time. 

4. Residual chlorine generator is optional, thus killing the bacteria or other relevant microbes that affect the water quality in the resin tank.


Model CS16H-1017 CS16H-1035
Control System BNT-850SE(UF)
Regeneration Type UP Flow
Regeneration Mode Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, Day Override, Vacation

Hardness Removal


(@ 48 g/L salt dosage)
401 801
(@ 96 g/L salt dosage)
(@ 160 g/L salt dosage)
758 1517
Tank Size 10x17 10x35
Resin Quantity 12.5 L 25 L
Salt Storage Capacity 24 Kg 64 Kg
Rated Service Flow Rate 17 L/M 33 L/M
Back Wash Flow Rate 9 L/M

Water Used Per Regeneration

(@ 96 g/L salt dosage)

60 L 132 L
Product Dimension(D×W×H mm) 485x342x584 485x342x1044
Carton Size(mm) 554x372x680 554x372x1140
Shipping Weight 25 Kg 45 Kg
Container Capacity(40" HQ) 508 pcs 249 pcs
Plumbing Connections 3/4” or 1” Fittings Available
Electrical Requirements Input 110V-120V / 220-240V  AC  50/60Hz
Output 12V AC 650mA
Water Supply Municipal
Operating Temperature 4~43 ℃
Operating Pressure
0.21~0.86 MPa 

Notes: The data of softener performance is only for reference, it may vary from different water qualities and applications.

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