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RO Membrane

Adopts advanced Reverse Osmosis membrane technology with 5 stages of purification to remove chlorine, minerals, heavy metals, pesticides, and organics.

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NPD Series

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Commercial Series

Why Canature RO Membrane

  • High quality raw material control, imported membrane sheet, fi lter screen, glue and Y-ring, all NSF certifi cated.
  • All testing meet NSF 58 requirements.
  • The maximum effective membrane sheet area bring high fl ow rate.
  • High salt rejection stability ≥96% at high TDS input.
  • Dry membrane for longtime storage.
  • 100% vacuum testing to ensure any leakage before delivery.
  • Production environment is dust-free and with constant temperature and humidity.
  • Membranes are rolled by automatic and half automatic machines, more tighten and perform fi ltration effect evenly.

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