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RO Membrane

Adopts advanced Reverse Osmosis membrane technology with 5 stages of purification to remove chlorine, minerals, heavy metals, pesticides, and organics.

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RO Membrane

Industrial RO Membrane

Why Canature RO Membrane

  • High quality raw material control, imported membrane sheet, fi lter screen, glue and Y-ring, all NSF certifi cated.
  • All testing meet NSF 58 requirements.
  • The maximum effective membrane sheet area bring high fl ow rate.
  • High salt rejection stability ≥96% at high TDS input.
  • Dry membrane for longtime storage.
  • 100% vacuum testing to ensure any leakage before delivery.
  • Production environment is dust-free and with constant temperature and humidity.
  • Membranes are rolled by automatic and half automatic machines, more tighten and perform fi ltration effect evenly.

Water Softener

Design Features

1. Optimized cabinet construction, Better appearance, Less deforming.

2. Low cover, High cover, Slide cover, Rotation cover,Satisfy the fastidious preference.

3. With Quick Connect, Easy & Fast to install.

4. High quality manifest display.

5. Localization language, Comfortable to consumer.

6. High grade raw material, More healthy, More enduring.