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Reverse Osmosis System

Adopts advanced Reverse Osmosis membrane technology with 5 stages of purification to remove chlorine, minerals, heavy metals, pesticides, and organics.

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Why Canature Reverse Osmosis System

“One Stop Purchase” this is the advantage of Canature, Water softeners, pressure tanks and multi-port control valves are the key products of Canature, but recently years, Canature invested a lot to develop our Reverse Osmosis system and cartridges, and this is one of our another key products. We did make some improvements. Our RO system and membranes win good reputation in Chinese and International markets because of their high quality and reasonable prices.

Water Softener

Design Features

1. Cartridge Housing: PP+Fiberglass. Burst pressure:3.5Mpa

2. High Quality Booster Pump: GF Brand; E-Chen Brand

3. Canature Membrane; Membrane sheet imported form USA

4. Connection: Quick Connect adaptors. Easy to Install and maintenance. Avoid Leaking

5. Switching power supply:safe & stable

6. High quality metal bracket. N:1490g.All SS nut.

7. Patented high pressure switch to avoid leaking

8. 15 seconds post-fl ush.Better to protect the RO membrane.

9. Auto notice fi ters replacing time.