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Pressure Tanks

Canature pressure tanks are designed and made to meet world-class quality standard but at competitive costs. NSF and ACS certificated. Available in natural, blue and black colors.

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05”-63” Tanks

Why Canature Pressure Tanks

  • More Advanced Production Line: By Automatic Robots.
  • Higher Testing Standards and Requirements.
  • More safer and high quality material: Food Grade, HDPE Liner.
  • More Choice: over 120 sizes from 0517 to 6386.
  • More Customization: Brand, Color(blue, black, natural, grey, green) and Sizes.
  • More Certifi cates: NSF and ACS certifi cated, KTW and W270 is being applied.
  • More Packing methods: single box, large box and pallet packing.
  • Longer Warranty: 10 years for residential tanks and 5 years for commercial and industrial tanks.
  • More combined components reduce costs: such as central tube, resin, cabinet etc.
  • Less Price and Faster delivery time.

Water Softener

Design Features

1. Optimized cabinet construction, Better appearance, Less deforming.

2. Low cover, High cover, Slide cover, Rotation cover,Satisfy the fastidious preference.

3. With Quick Connect, Easy & Fast to install.

4. High quality manifest display.

5. Localization language, Comfortable to consumer.

6. High grade raw material, More healthy, More enduring.