BNT-105 1.5

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  • Noryl valve body, long service life, anti-corrosion,low cost.
  • Classic piston, seal and spacer design, more reliable and less failure.
  • High flow rate for commercial softening and filtration application.
  • Valve come with standby cycles and NHWBP option.
  • Up to 9 cycles are available to be set for proper application.
  • Valve type is optional: DF softener, UF softener and filter valve are available for your choice.
  • Along with single & multi tank normal application, system interlock function was added for regeneration logic of multi tank system, save your initial investment.
  • More history information & diagnostics to view, knowing better of your system.
  • Up to 5 DIR for single tank system: Days, Calendar, Meter Immediate, Meter Delay, Meter Override.
  • Two auxiliary outputs/relays and one input/relay can be programmed on PCB.
  • Precision brining against “depleted” portion of resin, volume of water refilled prior to the scheduled regeneration will be proportional to the amount of capacity left in the system, save more water and salt.
  • Outlet fitting come with integrated meter, other standard meter is also acceptable.

  • On the premise of safety and reliability, to maintain the maximum original ecology of natural water.
  • Customized performance for different quality of product water.

  • Dichromatic color cabinet, outer layer can be more colorful and inner layer always for water safety. 
  • Unique, Environmental, No Color, clean, food grade.

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