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High Cover Styles


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High- Efficiency Water Softener -- CAN-SMART Water Softener

Features :

1.    WQA Gold Seal Certified water softener
2.    BNT-85HE high-efficiency Up-flow electronic control valve
3.    Simple electronics,with no confusing codes or symbols
4.    NSF certificated pressure tank and control valve
5.    Rotating diagnostic display
6.    Adjustable cycles for peak efficiency
7.    Use 78% less salt and 77% less water than conventional water softeners
8.    High-efficiency fine mesh resin
9.    Glaring CS11H 1026/1035 new cabinet designed by Top European designer
10.    Safety brine valve provides additional overflow protection


Key Value
Color Grey
Certification NSF, RoHs, CE, WQ
MOQ 10pcs
Packing Plain carton box packing
Optional Control Valves BNT 85HE Control Valves
Introduction 1, High-Efficiency Performance 2, Save S


BNT-85HE UP FLOW + CS11 H 1026 

 BNT-85HE UP FLOW + CS11 H 1035

 Control System

 BNT- 85HE UP Flow Control Valve

 BNT- 85HE UP Flow Control Valve 

 Maximum Hardness


24,735 grains 

36,608 grains 

 Maximum Efficiency

5052 grains/lbs salt 

 5052 grains/lbs salt 

 Salt Used

2.1 lbs 

3.0 lbs 

 Water Used



 System Capacity


15,156 grains 

 Resine Volume

20L Fine Mesh resin 

28L Fine Mesh resin 

 Integrated Meter

in Bypass 



Plumbing Connections 

 1/2'', 3/4'', 1''

  1/2'', 3/4'', 1''

 Flow Rate @15 psi

Pressure drop

10.2 gpm 

 10.0 gpm

 Salt Storage Capacity

120 lbs 

 160 lbs

 Electrical Requirements

 220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz

 220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz

 Working Temperature



 Working Pressure

 0.15 0.30 MPa

0.15 0.30 MPa

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