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High Cover Styles


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High Cover Styles


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1.    Exclusive NSF Certified electronic control valve with reliable piston, seal and spacer technology.
2.    Core components made in house, better quality control, 100% leaking test on production line.
3.    Time saving quick connect fittings on bypass, drain and brine line. 
4.    Space saving bypass with integrated turbine meter, include bypass tool, easy to operate it.
5.    Closed bottom brine well reduced intrusion of unwanted impurities.
6.    Brine valve with safety float and provide extra overflow protection.
7.    “No Touch” information display rotates key info like last regeneration date, volume remaining and etc.
8.    48 hour self charging battery back-up.
9.    Complete installation kit including bypass, plumbing fittings & drain tubing. Quick connect fittings for simple installation.

Performance Data Sheet and Specifications
Model CS1L-1035(Low Cover)
Hardness Removal(6 lb/cf Salt Dosage) 21731 Grain / 1408 Gram
Resin Quantity 25 L / 0.88 CF
Salt Used - Per Regeneration(6 lb/cf Salt Dosage) 5.30 LB / 2.4 KG
Water Used - Regeneration 127 L / 33 GAL
Tank Size 10x35
Salt Storage Capacity 81 KG / 178 LB
Service Flow Rate @ (Valve Only / 1 Bar Pressure Drop) 39 L/M  / 10.3 GPM
Recommended Service Flow Rate(Softener)
Back Wash Flow Rate 9 L/M / 2.4 GPM
Regeneration Type Down Flow
Regeneration Mode Calendar Clcok/Meter Immediate/Meter Delayed/Meter Override
Resin Type Extremely High Capacity Ion Exchange Resin
Integrated Meter in Bypass Yes
Water Supply Municipal
Water Temperature 3~38℃
Water Pressure 0.14~0.86 MPa
Power Supply Input 110V-120V / 220-240V  AC  50/60Hz
Product Dimension(L×W×H) 627×350×1090(mm)
Carton Dimension(L×W×H) 640×365×1170(mm)
Shipping Weight 51 Kg

Key Value
Color Black
Certification NSF, RoHS, CE
MOQ 10pcs
Packing 1pc/ctn
Optional Control Valves BNT, FLECK, CLACK, GE VALVES
Introduction Canature designs,tools and manufactures

Model No.  CS1 1035  CS1H 1035
Pressure Tank Size  1035  1035
Central Tube Size  35" "  35" "
Brine Well Size  35" "  35" "
Brine Valve Size  35" "  35" "
Resin Volume(STD)  25L  25L
Dimension(W*D*H) >350*600*1100mm (mm) 350*600*1100mm (mm)
Packing Size(W*D*H) 396*640*1180mm 396*640*1180mm
Loading Qty(20'GP/40'GP/40'HQ) 105/210/210ctns 105/210/210ctns
Available Control Valves BNT valves, GE, Fleck, Clack valves BNT valves, GE, Fleck, Clack valves

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