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Commercial Drinking System

Canature Commercial Water Dispenser design with user friendly icon display. Easy to operate and control, high end materials bring nice appearance. Filter life remind function ensure you drink continuous healthy water.

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Why Canature Commercial & Industrial System

  • Automatic Control Valve
  • Jacket
  • Pressure Tank
  • KDF55C(Patented Media): High-tech materials, high purity copper and zinc alloy, through the electrochemical reaction, effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, sediment, rust, inhibit bacteria and algae material, reducing mineral structure.
  • Activated Carbon: Absorption capacity, removal of organic matter such as residual chlorine to improve taste.
  • Built-in Magnetic Filter: Stable water quality, reduced boiler tube scaling and prevent pipeline corrosion. Adjust water activity, non-polluting, safe and without side-effects.

Water Softener

Design Features

1. Optimized cabinet construction, Better appearance, Less deforming.

2. Low cover, High cover, Slide cover, Rotation cover,Satisfy the fastidious preference.

3. With Quick Connect, Easy & Fast to install.

4. High quality manifest display.

5. Localization language, Comfortable to consumer.

6. High grade raw material, More healthy, More enduring.