Water Softener CS21

Compact body design, perfect for under-sink installation.

Smart control system provides fully automatic service.

Exquisite small screen, lower cost design while maintains strong functions.

Meter or time style regen mode optional.

Push-pull style cover, easily push the cover open for salt adding.

Model CS21-0915 CS21-0926 CS21-0935
Control System BNT-850HE
Regeneration Type Up Flow
Regeneration Mode Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, Meter Override, Vacation
Tank Size 09x15 09x26 09x35
Rated Service Flow Rate
Back Wash Flow Rate 16LM 7.5L/M 32L /M
Product Size(DxWxH) 270*460*527mm 270*460*804mm 270*460* 1037mm
Plumbing Connections
1/2",3/4" or 1" Fittings Available
Electrical Requirements Input 110V-120V / 220-240V AC 50/60 Hz
Water Supply Output 12V AC 650mA
Water Temperature 4~43C
Operating Pressure 0.21~0.86 Mpa
Notes: The data of softener perform ance is only for reference. it may vary from diffrent water qualities and applications.