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3/4” Valves


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3/4” Valves


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Features and Advantages

Counter Current Regeneration available

High quality sofened water with a lower water and salt usage inregeneration.

Back Wash Override

On clean municipal water supply there is no need to back wash and clean the bed every regeneration. Save water at each regeneration by skipping up to10 backwash cycles.the system resulting in water savings up to 58%.

Automatic Vacation

When there is no water used for 7 days, automatically “freshen” the tank and plumbing system with a 10 minutes back wash and rinse.

Emmergency Regeneration

If remaining capacity drop to 3% of unit capacity, the system will automatically initiate a quick 20 minute “recharge” regeneration to restore up to 33% system capacity.

Softened Water Refill

Conserve capacity and keep brine tank cleaner by refilling softened water to brine tank rather than raw untreated water, meanwhile ensure conunter current regeneration best efficiency.

Backwash up to 16” Diameter Filters

High back wash flow rate of 17GPM can back wash up to a 16” diameter sand filter.

Easy To Program

User friendly 2 lines 16 characters LCD display Simple set up and programming with no confusing codes or symbols to remember

No Touch Diagnostics

Key diagnostics are automatically displayed every 5 seconds. more information display.

Exclusive Proportional Brining

The 85HE uses the precise amount of salt to regenerate depend on actural proportion of capacity, saving an additional 15-30% salt per regeneration.

Low Salt Usage

85HE systems are engineered to use the minimum salt along with high efficiency salt settings resulting in salt savings up to 30%.

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